I need help with a group project. So, my group is doing a project on this : Develop a software package that is useable on mobile platforms such as smart phones, tablets, and smart watches. Allowing the user to easily access information related to an individual’s health and make recommendations based upon information obtained from the optic reader within the device. Looking at heart beats per minute (BPM), and oxygen while taking in user data from eating habits, and built in motion sensor, the application can make recommendations as to how an individual can change work out or eating habits. To this end, we are implementing a new health monitoring system that will satisfy all these needs and will enhance our user’s daily habits to better focus on our customers’ health.

For my contribution, i have to come up with human resource plan for the staffing of the project team. The plan summarizes the positions to be occupied, roles and responsibilities, qualifications needed for each position and reporting relationships.

Any help will be greatly appreciated

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