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The beauty of Islamic art, considering outward beauty and inward beauty, has its source in the past. The human activities are integrated to the extent into Islamic. they are a shore up for beauty that really transcends these actions for it is the Islamic beauty itself (Critch, 2004, 8). The art of Islamic receives its beauty from Islamic itself and not from any other ethic genius,

and just as the science of Islamic originated in the Hadith and Qur’an, so the Islamic art typical form is rooted in the Islamic spirit. Inward beauty is the beauty of the heart or of the soul, and which necessary emanates outwards, transforming each individual action hooked on an art, and all art into Gods remembrance.

As Islamic art is essential to all Muslim’s part of life and makes it beautiful, so the Islamic art ought to be used to invent the things of the everyday life with beauty. In Islamic art, the emphasis is not an art in favor of art’s sake, but it is an art on

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