Note: 1 full page 3-4 references 

no plagarism 

In regards to separation of duties (from your readings), answer the following questions:

    Why should duties be segregated?

    How can management determine if duties are properly segregated?

    What if management has inadequate staff to properly segregate all duties?

    Find and share an example (news article online) where separation of duties would have prevented an insider threat from exploiting a system.  Describe how you would have prevented this incident.

For this week, you need to respond to 2 of your peer’s initial responses.  Your replies need to be more than 1 or 2 sentences to obtain credit for posting.  Describe how you agree or disagree with their post.  Add to their post, but do not attack their position.  In your reply, support how your peer would have prevented the incident they presented, or another method for preventing the insider threat.  Be sure to describe your solution.  In total, you need to have more than 3 posts (your initial and 2 replies to receive full credit).

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