Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: Describe the difference between ordinary and non-ordinary states of consciousness.

However, the constant parameter is that an individual is within a state of consciousness that is considerable as normal, habitual and ordinary (“States of consciousness, n.d).

On the other hand, a non-ordinary state of consciousness refers to an alteration from our ordinary consciousness status. An example is day dreaming which differs from an ordinary state that is characterized by limitations in the level of imagination. In addition, the status of day dreaming is not an aspect of logical thinking. Fantasies are also an example of non-ordinary consciousness state as a person pictures a situation which is beyond the present reality and partakes in thought processes that are not part of his or norm. Hence, illustrating the difference between the two states as one is logical, habitual and within normal logical reasoning whereas the other is a stretch of reality and would not be carried out by an individual on a constant basis (“States of consciousness,

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