Write 1 page essay on the topic Does your family have a narrative.

My grandfather is the first in his family and he has an only younger brother. He reckons that perhaps because his brother looked as much as their father, he was given more attention and leniency in household chores. My grandfather used to do all their works but he never complained. His mother burdened him with complaints and demands. His father on the other hand made him emotionally troubled by how harshly he speaks and treats my grandfather. There were even days he would be hit without knowing the reason but those did not make him bitter. He still loved his parents as much as he could if they treated him better. Eventually, he helped his brother finish college. Even though he never got help from him even afterward, he was glad he did all the good things for his family. He is now kind of a family hero for all of us because his story is often told in the family. He speaks to us through his examples about family relationships, service and simply being kind and good to other people even if they do not deserve

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