Create a 1 page essay paper that discusses Demon bird.

The presentation of the Demon bird myth is presented using irony and sarcasm leading to presentation of the authors view without creating a stir or contrast. It illustrates the effective nature of ethnography employed in the presentation. The author presents the story in the format to reduce word use (Haruo). In other presentations, the authors view is presented as the stance take in the story or book. However, in the presentation of demon bird, the author presents the two sides of the story using the ethnography. Ethnography presents the opposite view by use of irony and sarcasm.

Therefore, it is effective under these circumstances when the author needs to present the idea from the society and present his perception without presenting the other side of the debate clearly but in a subtle manner. The authors focus is to present the beliefs of the barbarians without creating a scene or presenting his perception of the subject matter. The author’s presentation is effective on the issue covered about the Demon bird

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