In tthis forum, answer the following questions and describe any difficulties that you have faced or overcome with any of the tasks mentioned in these questions. 

  • How do you make sure that you are keeping a sense of scale when you sketch the “big picture?” 
  • When you review a problem or scenario, what do you do in order to keep track of the key data on impact angle, stopping distances, and initial velocity? 
  • One system for showing direction of flight in the presentation was presented in this module. Do you use the same, or a different system? Why?
  • How do you anchor your sketch to compass directions? 
  • Was there anything confusing about any of the following operations? If so, please explain.
  • Sketch the flight path.
  • Draw the ground scar.
  • Draw the aircraft crushing.
  • Give an example of aircraft roll or severe weather in an aviation accident, explain the impact it had on the resulting crash, and explain why it had this impact. You may draw upon your personal experiences or cite an example from the news.
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