Eddie Kelly is running for reelection as mayor of a small town in Alambama. Jessica Martinez, Kelly’s campaign manager during this election, is planning the marketing campaign, and this is some stiff competition. Martinez has selected four ways to advertise: television ads, radio ads, billboards, and newspaper ads. These costs of these, the audience reached by each type of ad, and the maximum number of each is shown in the table.In addition, Martinez has decided that there should be at least six ads on TV or radio or some combination of those two. The amount spent on billboards and newspaper together must not exceed the amount spent on TV ads. While fundraising is still continuing, the monthly budget for advertising has been set at $15,000. How many ads of each type should be placed to maximize the total number of people reached?TV cost per ad $800 audience reached 30,000 manimum # 10, Radio $400 audience reached 22,000 maximum # 10, Billboards cost per ad $500 audience reached 24,000 maximum # 10, Newspapers cost per ad $100 audeince reached 8,000 maximum # 10.

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