Hi, need to submit a 250 words essay on the topic A Heightened Agent.

After having supper, I lit up the cigarette, placed it between my lips, and tried to smoke right beside my mother. Understandably, I choked out because I had never smoked before and my lungs were not used to allowing the in-pour of smoke. My mother snatched the cigarette from me and tore it to pieces. To this day, I regret how upset I had made her. This shows that “errors in cultural performance committed by post-adolescents are generally seen as more serious and are more likely to arouse direct criticism, punishment, or other sanctions” (Hirschfeld 612).

Back then, I perceived my parents, especially my mother as the foundation of our structure. My mother always has rules and principles that everyone must abide by. While many people experience a shift in the structure today, my structure is based on my parents even today. I think it is because of the fact that I have become more responsible, caring, and respectful toward my parents over the passage of time than I was as a child.

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