Hi, need to submit a 250 words essay on the topic Authenticity.

To neutralize gender norms, most women deliberately assume traits related to masculinity, and hence turn away from associations with women sets that may be alleged as being separatist or divisive. Women should stop shunning particular jobs due to gender norms. Women should grab their papers and join the world of manly jobs. Look, for instance, at Hollywood, engineering firms and pilots – women have fit into these industries in style. What women need is to believe in themselves and avoid the cultural beliefs which do no good to them (Uhl-Bien et al., 2012).

Managers should assist their subordinates in discovering their talents as well as themselves by being a role model to them. Being a role model helps the subordinates borrow a leaf from the manager. By mentoring them “be like me” helps in discovering themselves since they try to imitate their bosses’ style. Through close monitoring, the managers are able to know their subordinates’ talents, thus knowing where they work best (Lubit,

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