think the letters should be freedom of speech, but for the commercial use of advertising it is wrong. If an attorney were to advertise to a more diverse group of people instead of targeting the people who are in dire need of legal needs it would be fine. I think advertising should not be totally banned, the attorneys should be able to put information out for the public to see, without punishment. When an attorney targets individual’s though who seek the needs of an attorney it is wrong, even though in a situation that would involve legal needs an attorney is then just feeding off the emotions of a weak individual trying to find any escape out of their current situation. I don’t think it would be a bad idea if a list was made of all the attorneys in the area that could assist with the legal needs and sent to the individual that is in need of legal services, it then gives that person a choice of who they want to use instead of making them choose one person who is targeting them because of their emotional state.

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