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Anubis and Cleopatra marry and lead a happy life. In a way Ra’s prophecy also comes true as taken by death meant married to Lord of death.

In this scene the news of Cleopatra’s kidnap by the mummy is received by the Pharaoh .Anubis also makes appearance in this scene .The Pharaoh agrees with Anubis’s deal of marrying to Cleopatra in lieu of saving her life.

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This is the concluding scene where Anubis is shown married to Cleopatra and Anubis also tells how Ra’s prophecy about Cleopatra was indeed true, Cleopatra was taken by death with Anubis being the Lord of death as her wife .

Problems encountered : Alice is a memory hogging program due to which my system faced some performance issues .The web access for adding objects from web gallery was slow ,therefore I saved objects from the Egypt World provided in the assessment .Also I use Google Chrome and Alice does not initialize till all Chrome windows are

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