• The reading assignments this week discuss the role of social media in e-commerce. According to Oyza and Edwin (2015), social media has proven to be as effective or more effective than more traditional marketing methods.  In some ways, social media has disrupted marketing as we know it.  Discuss how savvy businesses can harness social media to encourage business success.  What are the challenges they face? How do businesses ‘keep up’ in an environment that changes so rapidly?

Paper Guidelines

  • The paper should be 3-4 pages in length, in your own words, properly cite any outside resources. 
  • 1″ margins and Times Roman Font, 12-point, or something comparable
  • The paper should be well organized with proper grammar and spelling. 
  • Use at least 2 sources, other than the textbooks, to strengthen your arguments, points, etc.   
  • Be sure to leave your name off the paper, this helps to ensure fairness in grading.

Be sure to properly cite any sources you use using APA format.

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