Need an argumentative essay on Hurkas Account of Human Nature. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.

When we compare the value of our rational, creativity and creation of beauty, rationality provides a capacity of reason and capability of logical thoughts and can be a key driver to creativity and beauty-creation of a human being. Therefore, rationality is an essential property that the human being should possess as it is more necessary and conditioned on them being living things as opposed to other things. However, if being rational has no contribution to creativity and beauty-creation to a good life for human being, the essence of rationality and its welfare becomes very trivial. Therefore, it follows that developing an independent rationality lacking the good welfare to human as the essence property, will have no need for perfection as Hurka claims that the response to “wrong properties objection” will only have no importance to human nature as it lacks plausible ideal hence rationality has no need of perfectionism.

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