Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: HCS 440 Question 1.

Time equates money that is, as a result, of trade and its interactions.

Culture affects the quality in health care, which is a paramount measure. The impact of trade and choice reveals itself here as these two variables bring health in an ‘equilibrium state. Quality exchange is majorly placed on the capacity of group basis rather than individual basis hence delivery of proper service to prolong ones life in terms of good surgery,

well-trained doctors, and medication.

The factor of research, technology, and innovation has greatly affected the overhead cost of health care. With research going on various diseases and drugs, it is expected that the taxpayer’s money will play a huge part in this activity. About $2trilion is spent every year on health care system in the research of new drugs and treatment procedures. Without this great heavy input by the government, the otherwise cost incurred in not investing in healthcare system would be of a greater

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