Discussion #1

After reviewing all the material for the week, share in your own words (with at least two in-text citations to indicate the origin of your information), the meaning of the concept of Total Rewards and describe how it differs from the traditional approach to compensation.

Use a minimum of two references. You do not need to interact with a classmate.

Discussion #2

Give an example for each of the following: demographic shifts, globalization, technology, competitive forces and for each, share what you have discovered as an impact of total rewards (provide at least one reference and don’t forget to use in-text citations). 

Use at least one reference.

Interact with at least one classmate. 

Discussion #3

Demonstrate the critical link of strategic objectives to rewards by giving an example from either the organization where you work or one that you know.

Use at least one reference and you don’t need to interact with a classmate.

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