Soon HALO (High Altitude Long Operation) will be a viable way to gain entrance on the Internet. This method will place aircraft in fixed positions over hundreds of cities. The lightweight planes will circle overhead and provide data delivery. What other ways can you envision Internet access might be offered? Space? Water? Where and how? B. In the near future, Texas Instruments hopes to have a single chip for cell phones combining logic, memory, and a radio transistor on a processor. This means better equipped “one-stop” cell phones. These cell phones will be a combination of media and computers. Cell phones are becoming a prevalent part of everyday life. What is the etiquette for using cell phones? Should they be used in public restaurants, cars, college classes? 1. What type of line uses fiber-optic cables? A. T1 b. T2 c. T3 d. 10baseT 2. Which of the following media carries more data for longer distances? A. digital coaxial cable b. coaxial cable c. twisted-pair wire d

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