6. Which of the following is a primary user of accounting information with a direct financial interest in the business? A. Taxing authority b. Creditor c. Regulatory agency d. Labor union 7. External users want answers to all of the following questions except a. Is the company earning satisfactory income? B. Will the company be able to pay its debts as they come due? C. Will the company be able to afford employee pay raises this year? D. How does the company compare in profitability with competitors? 8.Which type of corporate information is not available to investors? A. dividend history b. forecast of cash needs for the upcoming year c. cash provided by investing activities d. beginning cash balance 9. The liability created by a business when it purchases coffee beans and coffee cups on credit from suppliers is termed a(n) a. account payable. B. account receivable. C. revenue. D. expense 10. Which activities involve acquiring the resources to run the business? A. Delivering

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