News has reached the media that there is an ‘informant’ inside the Newspaper Communication team who has leaked names of the bands of the yearly Music Festival. One journalist from the state magazine has interviewed the Communication Manager about this incident.

When the story comes out, the Communication Manager is very angry. The journalist used hardly any information provided by the Communication Manager, even ignoring evidence that the informant received payment for the names of the bands.

Instead, most of the story comes from the ‘informant’. The informant claims that she leaked band names the festival because she felt it was going to be a bad festival and, as a lover of music, she wanted to make sure that “the best bands went to the best festival in the state”. The informant’s argument makes up 85% of the story.

What term best describes the method used by the journalist here?

  • Gatekeeping
  • Framing
  • Reporting
  • Commentating
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