Case 1 (Accounting Application)

Use the tabular graphical methods of descriptive statistics to summarize the sample data in the data set named PelicanStores. 

The managerial report should contain summaries such as: 1. A frequency and relative frequency distributions for the methods of payment (different cards). (20%) 2. A bar graph or a pie chart with percentage for different genders with marital status. (20%) 3. Mean, median, first quartile, third quartile, sample variance, and sample standard deviation for net sales from regular customers. (20%) 4. Apply the location method to calculate the 80th percentile manually of net sales for each method (card) of payment. Please indicate which card has the highest 80th percentile and show the process. (20%) 5. Apply Chebyshev’s Theorem to calculate the range (i.e. $ to $) of at least 60% of the net sales must fall within for the Visa credit card payment. (20%) (Hint: What is the z-score for at least 60% of data range?)

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