6. Determine the major network number in dotted decimal notation by substituting 0s for the default host portion of the given IP address.

 7. Use the multiplier determined in Step 5 to increment up through the first six subnetwork

addresses. Incrementing occurs in the octet in which borrowing broke off.

8. Determine the broadcast addresses on the six subnetworks listed in Step 7. The broad- cast address on each subnetwork is the last possible address before the next subnet begins.

9. What does the address /20 represent?

10. On what network is the given address in Step 9?

1. Where do you think the term “bit-count” comes from?

2. What is a benefit of using bit-count notation to express the subnet mask?

3. What would the bit-count notation of the IP address given in this lab have been if there were no subnetting?

4. If there were no subnetting in this lab, what would the given IP address have represented?

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