A researcher was comparing several groups of male subjects to examine the effect of diet on mean BMI change following 6 weeks of dieting. The researcher obtained an F-ratio of 2.23 with df = 6, 142 from an independent-measures One Way ANOVA. What is the p-value for the F-test rounded to 3 decimal places? Please provide your answer to three decimal places (as X.XXX).

Q2A researcher is examining the relationship between pill packaging preferences and gender. A sample of 33 men and 42 women is obtained and each person is asked to identify his/her preference between two choices of packaging for a new generic version of a commonly used tablet. For this sample, 23 of the men preferred packaging A, and 20 of the women preferred packaging A. If a chi-square test is used to evaluate the relationship, what is the expected frequency for men preferring packaging A?

Please provide your answer to two decimal places (XXX.XX or XX.XX X.XX) with no extraneous text.

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