1. Mr. Black claims that you have to buy these at the same time. What are they?

  1.   the song and the singer 
  2.   the car and the wheels 
  3.   the bible and the church 
  4.   the door and the frame 

2. According to Mr. Black, what is a black man’s friend?

  1.   cards 
  2.   sex 
  3.   The Bible 
  4.   numbers 

3. Who is Cecil?

  1.   a hypothetical Mr. White uses to make a point 
  2.   the only friend that Mr. White has 
  3.   the only friend that Mr. Black has 
  4.  a man with a much different view of Mr. White’s appearance

4. Mr. White desperately wants Mr. Black to tell him what?

  1.   where he went wrong 
  2.   why his father died of cancer 
  3.   A jailhouse story 
  4.   the truth 

5. In contrast to Mr. Black, White can find no evidence of what in the world?

  1.   God 
  2.   Reason 
  3.   Sense 
  4.   Love 
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