may be hurt0Brief Overview of the matter/problem:Work or ServiceContext:Criteria1.Instan2.Instan3.InstancececeSNY5NYSSCommentsSConducts in a professional mannerCommunicates in a respectful mannerIdentifies the issue(s) correctlyRemains objective at all timesListens to what the person(s) say(s)Uses empathy where relevantEmploys appropriate Questioning techniques to assistin clarification of issuesUses open body languageUses clear languageIdentifies resources as relevant:Uses resources as relevant:Takes pro-active measures to ensure the safety ofothersPro-actively seeks a solution within jobrole/organisational policies/constraintsIdentifies potential impacts on the businessConsiders legal implications:Implements agreed solution:Completes organisational reports as relevant:Communicates recommendations/ issues with staff ormanagement as relevant:Displays a professional can-do attitude when dealingwith critical issuesPro-actively identifies and deals with issues as thesearise
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