Need an argumentative essay on Zidane’s success. Needs to be 1 pages. Please no plagiarism.

In the year 1998, when France hosted the FIFA World Cup, Zidane proved to the world that he was a talented player. He scored two goals against the Brazilians in the final match through head buts. This led to a 3-0 victory against the Brazilians, who were considered the favorites for the match. The French also facilitated the success of Real Madrid in 2001, when the club won a series of UEFA Champions League Cup. Zinedine Zidane exhibited great leadership skills not only when he was a captain of his National Team, but also in Real Madrid where he has been assisting the current coach, Carlo Ancelloti with coaching techniques. His strong personality has also contributed to his success throughout various activities in the sport of football. he has a great sense of inter-personal skills, a character that has enabled his to work efficiently with players of different ethnic

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