Quarterly Cash donations (in thousands of dollars) at the SDA Mission for 2004-2006 were as shown in

the following table.

Period Value

1 242

2 282

3 254

4 345

5 253

6 290

7 262

8 352

9 270

10 286

11 271

12 378

a) Using a weighted moving average with three periods, determine the donations for period 13. Use 3, 2,

and 1 for the weights of the most recent, second most recent, and third most recent periods, respectively

b) Use exponential smoothing with a smoothing constant of 0.20 to forecast the donations (Assume that

last period’s forecast for period 1 is equal to actual to begin the procedure(Ft1=Yt1). Which method do you think

is best? Is this an improvement over the weighted average- use MAD only ( Six marks)

c) Use regression analysis to estimate the line of best fit -use the manual method with the formulas

shown below. (Eight marks)

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