Logan inherited a summer house from his grandmother. It had not been in use for over ten years and was in disrepair. He met with Dusty, a general contractor who specializes in carpentry, who agreed to restore the house for $50,000. Neither party agreed on the word “restore.” Dusty thought it meant taking out the dry rot in different parts of the house, shoring up the foundation and rebuilding the porch – all tasks that are tied to carpentry. However, the house had electrical and plumbing issues needing resolution as well. As Dusty was remodeling the structure, he told Logan the house needed electrical and plumbing work, and asked for permission to get the work done with some subcontractors. Logan agreed, thinking the cost was in the original $50,000 estimate. When the house was completed, Dusty demanded $78,000. Logan refused to pay more than the $50,000 price, and Dusty sued.

I need help identifying the issue, decision, support, and dissent?

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