The problems below follow closely the examples shown in the background materials. Complete these problems showing your work 1. Convert the following equations into logarithmic form:a. 2 = 6xb. 7 = 6yc. 9 = 3yd. X = 8y2. Convert the following equations into exponential form:a. X = log54b. 7 = log6Yc. X= log8Yd. 90 = log4Z3. Simplify the following expressions:a. X2* X4b. Z8 / Z12c. log4Y + log4Zd. log3Y – log3Z4. You have $760,000 in your bank account. The interest rate in your account is 5%. Solve for the following:a. How much interest will you accumulate if interest is compounded annually over the next five years?b. How much interest will you earn in your account over the next five years with continuous compounding? You can use a scientific calculator or the =Exp() function in Microsoft Excel. If you are crafty you can also find web pages that will do the calculations for you. Regardless, show your steps and your work.

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