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5:02 .ul LTE TEST IT: Theme Coughing loudly. Kylie stepped into her clutteredapartment and threw her coat into a pile of otherclothes on the ?oor. Man, this place was a disaster. butthere was no time to worryr about that now — she hadto call her twin sister Chelle and see how she wasfeeling. She searched through a pile of newspapers.dug out the phone, and dialed. Chelle answered,rasping into the receiver. SHD‘i-‘J M ORE Which conclusion about Kylie best reflects the themeof the passage? 1 of 2 QUESTIONS ?. She does not have her own doctor, so her sister wantsk“ to help her get one. In. She has trouble facing her own problems. so shefocuses on others’ instead. .? She needs to stop wasting her time worrying and take"J action instead. O Until she fixes her own problems. she will remain" unable to show concern for others.

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