Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: The routes of producing ethanol from sugar beet.

The cleaned sucrose water is through a fermentation step (Halford & Karp, 2011, pg.409).

There is numerous process that is adopted to distillate the contents. this includes pressure-swing distillation, simple distillation, Reactive Distillation, molecular sieve adsorption distillation and salt separation (Halford & Karp, 2011, pg.409).

In simple distillation, the mixture content is put into a distillation chamber where heating is done causing the mixture to vaporize. The distillation chambers allow the vapor move up the chamber as the liquid travels down the chamber.

The less volatile liquid becomes concentrated in the bottom of the chamber. The bottom remains are then run through a boiler and recycled as boil-up. The boil- up and reflux allows greater separation to occur (Halford & Karp, 2011,

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