A gas phase reaction between nitrogen dioxide and fluorine is proposed to occur by the following mechanism:

step 1  slow:  NO2 + F2 —> NO2F + F

step 2  fast:   F + NO2 —> NO2F

(1) What is the equation for the overall reaction? Use the smallest integer coefficients possible. If a box is not needed, leave it blank.

2NO2 +  F2     2NO2F +  (2) Which species acts as a catalyst? Enter formula. If none, leave box blank: 

(3) Which species acts as a reaction intermediate? Enter formula. If none, leave box blank: 

(4) Complete the rate law for the overall reaction that is consistent with this mechanism. 

(Use the form k[A]m[B]n , where ‘1’ is understood (so don’t write it) for m, n etc.)

Rate = 

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