1.    A 7thgrade science teacher is trying different teaching methods to see how well her students do on a standardized test.  She uses a lecture and online method with 73, of which 54 score average or above.   She uses a lecture and lab method with 82 students, of which 71 scored average or above.  For the lecture/lab method to be used, the teacher decides that at least 4% more students must do average or above with the lab for make it worth the cost.

a.    Find a 90% confidence interval to estimate the difference in the percent of students who pass using the two methods.

b.    If we wanted to test the claim that the percent of students who score average or above is different for the two methods, what would the hypotheses be?

c.    Would the test preformed in part b. be statistically significant? Explain

d.    Would the test preformed in part b. be practically significant?  Explain

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