1. Which reimbursement mechanisms encourage over servicing by physicians? 
  2. a.fee for service
  3. b.capitation
  4. c.neither a nor b
  5. d.both a and b
  1. The government is the largest payer for health care services 
  2.  True
  3.  False
  1. Federal expenditures on healthcare have increased between 1960 and 2010.
  2.  True
  3.  False

A solvency ratio is an attempt to assess the organizations ability to meet its payment obligations over a longer period of time. All of the following are examples of these ratios except:

Total debit to equity ratio

Interest coverage

Debit service coverage

Profit margin

True or False: Performance budgets can allow for an indication of any level of quality of care expected in a planned budget? 



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