The Rutgers Bus System operates 5 bus routes from College Ave (A,H,EE,F, and LX) and 70 buses. The following table shows the daily average ridership on each route.a) (8 points) Apportion the number of buses per route using Jefferson’s method. The standard quotas have been filled in for you already.(Hint: The divisor is one of the following: 200, 190, 185, 180, 175) RouteAHEEFLXTotalRidership4,1603,7802,1501,0202,400SQ21.5519.5911.145.2812.44Lower QuotaModified QuotaModified Lower QuotaA gets ____ buses. H gets _____ buses. EE gets _____ buses. F gets ____ buses. LX gets _____ buses.b) (2 points – Multiple Choice) Based on part (a), what conclusion can we make? A. There is a violation of the Alabama Paradox.B. There is no violation of the Quota Rule.C. There is a violation of the upper Quota Rule.D. There is a violation of the lower Quota Rule.

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