1. Zip Codes How many 5-digit zip codes are possible if digits can be repeated? If there cannot be repetitions? 2. Batting Order How many ways can a baseball manager arrange a batting order of 9 players? 3. Video Games How many different ways can 7 different video game cartridges be arranged on a shelf? 4. Radio Commercials How many different ways can 6 radio commercials be played during a 1-hour radio program? 5. Shampoo Display A store manager wishes to display 8 different brands of shampoo in a row. How many ways can this be done? Trigonometry books. A student must select one book of each type. How many different ways can this be done? 7. Cheerleading Routines At a local cheerleaders camp, 5 routines must be practiced. A routine may not be repeated. In how many different orders can these 5 routines be presented?

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