Calculate the motion of a projectile using a function that has two output arguments (the maximum height and maximum distance) and two input arguments (the initial velocity and the angle in degrees of the projectile). The variables used in the equations are v0 (initial velocity), v0x (initial velocity in the x-direction), v0y (initial velocity in the y-direction), ? (angle), t (time), h(height) and d (distance). You will need to put the equations in the correct sequential order to perform the final values. To perform these calculations, you will need to use the following equations: v0x = v0 cos(theta) , v0 y =v0 sin(theta) , time of max height=v0y/g, max height= v0^2y/2g, t(total)= 2*t of max height, maxd= v0*t(total)

MATLAB language

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