1. One pool is filled with water mixed with syrup and another pool with normal water. They recorded the relative speed of 18 swimmers, who swam laps in both pools (speed in syrup divided by speed in water): 

1.08, 0.94, 1.07, 1.04, 1.02, 1.01, 0.95, 1.02, 1.081.02, 1.01, 0.96, 1.04, 1.02, 1.02, 0.96, 0.98, 0.99

A value of 1.0 means that the swimmer was equally fast in syrup and in water. A value above 1.0 means that the swimmer was faster in syrup, and a value below 1.0 means the swimmer was faster in water. Assume that the relative speed among all swimmers follows a normal distribution. Let ? be the population mean relative speed. Construct 90% and 95% confidence intervals for ? and interpret the confidence intervals. 

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