Can someone answer these question,I already did just to verified they are correct /compare answer thanks

1. The psychiatric nurse is conducting a nutritional evaluation on an elderly patient who was diagnosed with bulimia nervosa. Choose which outcome indicates that the plan of care is effective for this patient? A. Met all the weekly nutritional goals

B. Tissue turgor has no evidence of tenting

 C. Hemoglobin and hematocrit are normal

D. Selected a balanced diet from the menu  

2. The psychiatric nurse is caring for a patient diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and is presently in the manic phase. Due to the patient’s present condition, she is unable to complete her meal.

 Select the appropriate action to ensure that this patient maintains sufficient nourishment.

 A. Provide patient access to the unit kitchen at all times

B. Offer small, attractively arranged portions at meal time.

C. Increase the patient’s appetite by ordering restaurant food

 D. Serve high-calorie foods that the patient can eat easily

3. The psychiatric nurse is caring for a patient on the adolescent unit who was diagnosed with oppositional defiant disorder. This patient was placed on a behavior modification program.

The nurse can explain a key component of behavior modification:

A. Appropriate behavior is learned through observing the actions of models

 B. A system of tokens and rewards can be used as positive reinforcement

 C. Reduce stressors with exercise or increased awareness of body defenses

D. Distracters are used to interrupt both repetitive or unpleasant thoughts

4.The psychiatric nurse is caring for patients on a psychiatric unit who frequently require seclusion and/or restraint. The nurse has determined the need for restraints for one patient. Which of the following is correct regarding the use of restraints?

A. Patients can be restrained at any time during the shift because there is a PRN order

B. An illegal restraint of another person’s movement is considered false imprisonment

C. The patient in restraint must be assessed every two to four hours by the support staff

 D. Restraints are never documented in the patients chart due to legal guideline

5. The psychiatric nurse is caring for patients on the psychiatric unit including patients with alcoholic toxicosis and in schizophrenia. The nurse is a preceptor for student nurses on the unit and can explain that the errors in perception of sensory stimuli experienced by these patients are related to:

A. Delusions

B. Illusions

 C. Anosognosia

 D. Agoraphobia

6.  The nurse is caring for a patient who is receiving IV fluids. The nurse will identify that the IV has infiltrated and requires restarting when she observes which of the following:

 A. A backflow of blood is in the intravenous tubing

B. Swelling is noted proximal to the insertion site

C. Redness along the vein from the needle site upward

D. The flow of the fluid in the drip chamber has stopped

7. The nurse is caring for a substance abuse patient on the unit. During the patient admission history, the nurse discovered that the patient also has a diagnosis of Hepatitis. The nurse will identify which special care must be taken when caring for a patient with Hepatitis?

 A. Sterilize equipment used in patient’s room

B. Use gloves when removing the bed pan

C. Always wear a mask while in patient’s room

D. Prevent spread of the infection by droplet)

8. The psychiatric nurse is caring for patients on a psychiatric unit and one of patients has a diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The nurse observes that this patient is anxious and the anxiety seems to be increasing rapidly. Which behavior can the nurse interpret as an early sign of escalating anxiety which requires de-escalation?

 A. Speaking loudly and rapidly

B. Refusing to interact in group

C. Pacing up and down the hall

D. Staring at one tile on the floor  

9. A Student living away from home to attend college was unable to complete the mid-term exam and complained of freezing up and his mind drawing a blank during exams. He was accompanied by a classmate to the urgent care clinic and was assessed by a psychiatric nurse. The nurse can distinguish his level of anxiety as:

A. Mild

B. Moderate

C. Severe

D. Panic

10. The psychiatric nurse has completed patient education regarding Lithium. The nurse concluded that the patient needed additional education when the patient stated that he will:

A. Reduce his daily intake of salt

B. Always take the medication with food

 C. Have blood drawn weekly to check levels

 D. Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily  

11. The psychiatric nurse has assessed a Bipolar patient experiencing mania. The patient has demonstrated grandiosity. The nurse can explain that the statement that is most consistent with this symptom is:

A. I can’t do the same things anymore

 B. I lead the FBI agency in this city

C. My wife is upset at my overspending

 D. I don’t know why we have a budget  

12. The psychiatric nurse is caring for a patient diagnosed with depression. The nurse observes that the patient is extremely withdrawn and wants to get the patient involved with the interaction on the unit. Which statement chosen by the nurse could assist the patient with participation in a group activity?

 A. You will feel better if you leave your room and mingle

 B. You don’t look happy sitting here in your dark room

 C. How does it feel to sit here alone for the whole day?

 D. I would like you to be the other person on my team

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