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My chosen topic for research is Data Security for devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) and how government regulation and policy can impact the security of IoT devices to protect personal data of the consumers and prevent cyberattack.

The problem statement for my research topic is: Network enabled devices on the IoT are not properly secured by the manufacturer to protect the personal data of the consumer or prevent cyberattack.

The purpose statement for my research is:  With the increase of network connected devices making up the IoT, personal privacy and personal data protection and prevention of cyberattacks becomes harder and harder to achieve because there are weak or no regulation requiring industry to implement strong security standard on IoT devices.

The significance of this study it to achieve a better understanding of current IoT security standards and how government regulation and policy can improve security of these devices and privacy protection that will help to prevent consumer data loss and cyberattack?  The number of devices on the IoT is growing at an extraordinary rate and most of the devices are not being deployed with strong security standards if any at all that will prevent data loss or cyberattack.Most devices are left vulnerable and the consumer is unaware of the security threat the IoT device presents.

The independent variables in my research are government regulation and policy and how it will affect my dependent variable which is IoT device security.Increased security of IoT devices should improve personal data protection and reduce cyberattack

Research Question:

How does government regulation and policy mandating tighter security standards affect IoT device security to reduce personal data loss and prevent cyberattacks?

How can establishing stronger government policy on IoT device security reduce personal data loss and cyberattacks?


If the government mandates tighter IoT security implementation than personal data loss and the number of cyberattacks on IoT devices will be reduced because the IoT industry will be required to implement high security standards

If the IoT industry is required to implement higher security standard on their devices then the number of personal data loss incidents and cyberattack incidents will be reduced because IoT devices will be less vulnerable to compromise

The articles I used to do my initial research are: Do a Lit review of these before posting

Choi, S.-K., Yang, C.-H., & jin, K. (2018, February 2). System Hardening and Security Monitoring for IoT Devices to Mitigate IoT Security Vulnerabilities and Threats. KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Systems, 12(2), 906-919.   This study looks at ways to minimize IoT device vulnerabilities and threats to improve the IoT environment.

Hudson, F. D. (2018, April 16). Enabling Trust and Security: TIPPS for IoT. IT Professional, 20(2), 15-18. Retrieved June 17, 2018.  This report makes an attempt to establish framework of competencies to ensure a safe and trustworthy IoT operating environment, those competencies are Trust, Identity, Privacy, Protection, and Safety. 

Migault, D., Guggemons, T., Killian, S., Laurent, M., Pujolle, G., & Wary, J. P. (2017). Diet-EST: IP Layer Security for IoT. Journal of Computer Security, 173-203.  This proposes a more compact data encryption protocol that will reduce the impact encryption has on data packet size. Smaller data packets will reduce IoT processing requirements therefor increase security and battery life span.

Miller, S. (2018, February 15). NIST Maps Out IoT Security Standards. Retrieved from GCN.com: https://gcn.com/articles/2018/02/15/nist-iot-standards.aspx.  This article takes a brief look at NISTs attempt to provide policy makers and standards organization with tools to help standardize IoT devices as a whole

Schneier, B. (2017). IoT Security: What’s Plan B? IEEE Security & Privacy, 96-96.  This article takes a look at the lack of government policy to mandate IoT security and that if the U.S is not going to take action then we may need to rely on other nation states to take the lead.

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