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This paper illustrates that global poverty is a phenomenon that has been in existence for quite a long time now. However, it is noteworthy that it is an aspect of global in equality. By this, I mean that, in most of the countries, there exists an exceptionally wide gap between the upper and the lower class. Some have no middle class at all. This is reflected in the wider picture with the developed countries having massive wealth, as opposed to the peanuts in the developing world. What does this imply? This is so dangerous to the mutual coexistence of these people. Mostly, global poverty has been continually ignored under the pretence that it is not a problematic issue but a social issue of specific countries. Realistically, this is an environmental problem. This is because, for such people in such circumstances, they have an effect to the environment. By this, I mean that, these difficult economic situations do force them to indulge in behaviors that are environmentally unsustainable. For instance, a country in Sub Saharan Africa will be more likely to engage in charcoal burning due to the financial constraints. This may be in an effort to look for money through its sale to sustain their troublesome life or to use it as firewood instead of the cleaner biogas. This in turn, has an effect on global climate by contributing to augmented discharge of green house gases into the atmosphere leading to global warming. Global warming, consequently results into so many disastrous effects. This includes drought, excessive rainfall and respiratory ailments. (Galore and Weil, p 810). This charcoal burning is also capable of directly affecting the environment because it results into soil degradation. Global poverty also turns out to be an environmental problem because, many people do not get to meet their basic needs (Galore and Weil, p 815). This in itself is an environmental crisis because it is the failure to construct a sustainable environment t for human life. The United States national security strategy demands of them to build a balance of power bearing in mind that each country, whether small or large, has its fundamental responsibilities. Moreover, to affect this, it resolves to pioneer aspirations of human self-respect (Galore and Weil, p 820). With the implications that global poverty has on the environment, it is high time that the United States recognize it as an environmental problem. Its effects on the security are also wanting. This is because. due to poverty such people do not get access to adequate education hence termed as the illiterate. With no employment that comes with no skills and little employment activities, it leaves a large room for indulgence in destructive activities. An excellent example is the poverty in the African American community of the United States (Galore and Weil, p 25). With no education that guarantees no education, it is no wonder that they participate in violent crimes. All these considered it will be of the essence if the United States considers entrenching global poverty into the national security Policy. It should thus be considered as United States National security issue. Population, Technology, and Growth This article explores the model through which population, technology and growth can be fitted to come up with a functional and economic legacy. With three regimes that have lived to characterize the economic development, it is essential that these steps be fairly understood. This will be beneficial to map out the possible transitions’ and have a clear understanding of what the future presents to the world in the economic sector. In a situation where the progress in technology is slow with a growing population, there is a likelihood of reduced rise in output growth (Sachs and Sewell, p 34). This means s that the high numbers of people consume more than what technology can provide them. This is because technology is meant to make man, s work easier.

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