This DB has three parts. 

  1. Managing a project team involves the general functions of management.  Describe how a project manager will use the planning, organizing, leading and controlling aspects throughout the project.
  2. How have advances in technology changed the project management process?
  3. What process can be used to develop the competencies of the project team members?  How would you plan this process?



 When thinking about a project and a project manager with the team, it’s easy to just say well they just do it. However any of us who have ever tried to plan something with the team know this is not the case. When a manager undertakes a project they have to go through lots of different steps which include the planning of the project, trying to organize a team, making sure that team does what it’s supposed to do, and in some cases actually getting involved in controlling certain aspects of the project. While every project will be different and based on the team that they have working on them will definitely change, they all follow a simple principle planted out make a team and work on it.

Technology has made this entire process a lot faster, this is due to the advances in the ways that people can communicate. For instance a project to pour concrete in the past would have taken multiple different sets of teams to go out and measure and set and things like that. Now with technology, you can have one person go out and do all the measurements and do all of the general planning with just a little piece of hardware. And then they can literally communicate to the project manager all of the things that their tool has given them in a quick and efficient manner.

To make a team that you are building competent at the aspects of what you are asking them to do would require training. That being said it’s not necessarily skill training, it could be as simple as team training to get them all to look in the same function. This process should likely be done before the project even begins to ensure extreme cohesion. However if this cannot be done it should be done before that team member works on the project. Meaning that if you have a team member joining the project midway through they would need to complete some sort of training that the others had to as well. To ensure that they have the same understanding exactly what’s expected of them. “DC”


Part 1 Project manager will use planning to meet the goals that has been set for the project ,.It will also help add  structure to to the project and team members . Organizing will help the project manager to set expectations , set time limits ,and balance deadlines . Leading will allow them to have successful planning and overseeing the team to to make sure they are at their best . And also helps with day to day operations .Controlling will allow the project manager to gather data and oversee all task and to make sure project is within the scope .

 Part 2 Advances in technology has changed the project manager’s process by redefining ways a team generate results and information . It has improved communication . It has promoted flexibility for business owners and team members , It helps to save money , sharing  and storing information. It is also the fastest way to do business in other countries .

Part 3 to develop competencies of the project manager focus on communication . Finding the right project management tools. The project manager has to plan and establish firm goals. I would plan the process by first testing to see how much knowledge they have for the position . Also I would do some on the job training . I would do workshops to strengthen the skills they already have .”AB”

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