Complete 11 page APA formatted essay: Successful Project Management.

In this scenario there is need to better take care of project activities those are critical for the project success. This report is based on a scenario in which Ashleigh Council has to set up Ashleigh Music Festival Ltd (AMF Ltd) which will work like a social enterprise for initiating the festival. This report discusses some of the major activities and tasks required to be completed for planning and handling the activities. Introduction Ashleigh Music Festival Ltd (AMF Ltd) is a social enterprise that arranges music festivals. This corporation has recently initiated a plan to establish a new event of music festival. This event will provide an excellent entertainment facility to public. However, in order to effectively plan the project one of the initial jobs is to assess the project scope in order that they could better understand the project tasks and activities. This project report is also intended to provide guidelines regarding project planning through assessment of project tasks and activities. This report will assess the project tasks that need to be completed in order to arrange the festival in time. This report will review some of the important aspects along with project management processes and techniques which are adopted throughout project lifecycle.

This report will also discusses skills and competencies needed by the project team in order to manage a successful project. This report will also try to highlight the project stakeholders and how they will be engaged with project and project manager. Background Ashleigh Council has initiated bidding for the contract to a project which will engage managing and organizing and setting up a music festival at a number of points in the summer of 2013. This festival will continue for 3 days and will start at an outdoor site (plan enclosed), that will have the capacity of 30,000 people. This festival will generate revenue by selling the tickets. In addition, project bidders will be paid by 20% of the revenue generated by ticket sales. This project holds the facility of availing the interest-free loan of up to ?300,000 from bank for equipment rent (the council will cover staff, licensing, health and safety, and site reinstatement costs). Initial Project Tasks This section outlines some of the key project tasks those will be planned and managed before the project start. These tasks will be the key tasks that need to be completed in order to hold the event in time. At this stage, we will concentrate on some of the main activities that seem to be really significant for the project initiation. In this scenario we will concentrate on these project tasks and will focus on early completion of these tasks for the successful project initiation. Requirements Analysis In this project task we will deeply assess some of the main project activities to better map and understand the project needs. This will help us to better plan the project for the superior project performance. Planning At this stage of project. we will plan the project tasks and activities. In this scenario we will allocate time and resource to each project task. This project stage will involve project task planning. Legal Permission At this stage of project we will take the permission of music festival from local authorities. This will offer us a great deal of satisfaction (i.e. eliminating the chances of any legal issue). Recruiting At this stage we will recruit the staff for the project that will be responsible for managing and completing the project tasks and activities. This stage of project will involve publishing the job ads, interviewing the staff and recruiting them. After that we will have to train the staff. Training This will be

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