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Kaye (1980) argues that the late parenting age presents the best time to put into practice what has been gained over time. In their book Gordon &amp. Hiroto (1989) come to understanding that women always need a lot of emotional as well as psychological preparedness compared to men, thus, they would prefer to give birth at a later age when they feel ‘equipped’ to do so. This usually happens at a later age in life. These and other factors will form the general purpose of this study. Specific Purpose According to Charles &amp. Robert (1986) there are many factors that affect the academic performance of children at different levels of schooling. They are nutritional values, the influence of peers, the level of mental and physical health, socioeconomics, and the parental influence among others. It is evident that the parental influence plays a major role in predicting the academic performance of children. Through their inspiration and contribution, parents are able to impact the academic excellence of their children greatly. It is obvious that the age of mothers has a significant influence on the academic performance of their children as well. It is argued that older mothers are more experienced in terms of taking care of their children. Older mothers concentrate on the basic needs of their children as opposed to luxuries which is a common phenomenon with young mothers. However, some researchers have diverged from this view. They argue that older mothers may have learnt through older systems and syllabuses which may not be operational at the onset of their children’s academic life. Thus, they will not be able to assist in the academic work of their children. The yearning to find out whether the age of mothers affect the academic performance of their children forms the main and specific purpose of this study. Literature Review In their work in the Journal of Educational Psychology Sin-Sze Cheung &amp. Pomerantz (2012) state the parental involvement in children’s learning predicts their motivation at school over a period of time. They argue that children who are motivated by their parents are more likely to be involved in things that will prevent punishment from their parents and are inclined to carry on with the activities that will bring children rewards from parents. According to Zielinsky &amp. John (2009), the involvement of parents outlines the academic achievement of their children by stimulating not only autonomous reasons, but also parent-oriented reasons which are important for maintaining their children’s commitment at school as well as enhancing their academic performance. Allen &amp. Aber (1987) on his part distinguishes a parent- oriented motivation and an autonomous motivation at school. He concludes that parents’ involvement in the studies of their children can enhance their academic performance and achievement if they heighten their parent-oriented reasons for a good performance at school. Gottfried et al. (2009) argue that poverty has a significant effect on the performance of children. Many children who struggle to acquire necessary resources for their studies do not necessarily attain high academic qualifications. They argue that children from low economic status families usually score below average in class and, therefore, achieve a lower high school Grade Point Average (GPA). This will greatly affect their admission into colleges.

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