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It represents a period in the spring atmosphere where vegetation and flowers are blossoming. The imagery used describes the development process of the leaves. The second half of the poem Nothing Gold Can Stay by Robert Frost talks about the consequences of having a good thing in a society. The part is viewed as an observation of the natural world. The poem describes identical moments in a life cycle. They are the daily, mythic and yearly. The poem uses each cycle to describe how something deemed to be perfect turns out to be the opposite of what is expected. Spring, down and Eden is used to describe situations where people are at the peak of their lives like being a young child and progressing with time to be an old man. In sum, Nothing Gold Can Stay by Robert Frost has a meaning that things or individuals who are highly upheld or successful are the same ones that are easily corrupted with times. Bad Things Last The world’s black is gold, It stays where it is not expected, Her fruits are a poison, But only to those who are clean, The poison subside the poison, So hell was not unbeaten, So dusk goes to night, Bad things last Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein The description given by the speaker or poet of Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein reveals that the poet is conversant with the place. However, the through his words “rest from his flight” reveals that the speaker is not comfortable by the present situation on the mentioned place. In the second stanza it is clear that the speaker yearns for freedom in a different place other than the one they currently are in. However, despite the place “Where the Sidewalk Ends” being challenge, the speaker is positive to come out victorious and this might represent a life situation which is threatening, but one comes out of it victorious. The arrows however, represent a slim chance of hope as they are drawn using chalk. Chalks are easily washable and this can only mean that the speaker’s hopes of finding a way out were slim. The problem in “Where the Sidewalk Ends” is however solved when the speaker states that the children who drew the arrows knew the directions and would draw them once again in the eventuality of the arrows being washed down by rain. This could only mean that there are no impossible situations and to even those that seemed impossible, a solution was just lying within waiting to be discovered. There is a country where the borders end There is a country where the borders deaden And before the towns begin, And there the ground grows bear with sand, And the scorpions roam around. Let us go to this town where the sky is full of lights And the sky scrappers disappear into the night. We shall sigh with a laugh that is deep and loud, To the country where the border end. Yes we’ll sigh with a laugh that is deep and loud, And we’ll go where the skyscrapers disappear into the sky, For the sand they are used, and from sand they are built, There is a country where the boarders end. 2nd Limerick Poem “Once lived a boy Bolton, Who yearned to be a winner? He went on her toes, And broke her nose, Then he became cleaner.” Third Poem Be Glad Your Eyes Are Seeing Be glad your eyes are seeing, To see your tears when you are crying, You marvel at the beauty of the world, Yet laugh at those who are blind. Imagine loosing your eye Without anyone to act like your guide, You will probably curse to die Your wish will be like smoke. Your eyes are your gold A blessing indeed from God If you are forced to loose either of them Your world will no better be like a worm.

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