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However, even after the Republican’s attorneys sort a repeal of the law, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the health care law signed by President Obama as constitutional in June 2012, ruling that the individual mandate portion of the law be maintained within congress’ power under the taxation clause (Smith, n. p.). The ruling was as a result of several sections of the enacted law being challenged as unconstitutional by a combination of certain states, which appeal had been defeated in the Washington D.C. Court of Appeal before seeking for further legal hearing. The law is wide and covers numerous different components focusing on consumers (patients), health care providers (medical practitioners), insurance companies, and extended private and public organizations (including drug manufactures and employers among others). According to Ebokudom, the patient protection and affordable care act addressed the following issues of reform. “quality, affordable health care for all Americans. the role of public programs of Medicare, Medicaid, and CHIP. improvements in the quality and efficiency of health care … community living assistance services and support. and revenue provisions ” (248). The law spans across different ages and social status to protect patients’ health and needs. It is surely no doubt that it will affect every individual come 2014, when each person in the United States is expected to have enrolled in a health plan. Of course there are still hardships in the implementation of the law so far, especially in the context that some individuals still do not understand how some parts of the law would be applicable. Nevertheless, the act comes with packages of some essential health benefits, even after costing the federal government huge investment of public resources. Pros: Application of the health care law on abortion is an improvement to women health services, which many people continue to reject. Women will be allowed to pay for abortion coverage for the special cases that involve risks to their health. The law offers better care and protection initiatives for seniors in Medicare programs, as will be discussed below. The insurance companies will now have to extend coverage to children, young adults and other people, even if they have preexisting conditions, removing discrimination in insurance companies. The Health care law is working hard to improve transparency in insurance companies, while protecting and informing the consumers of their rights, and cutting wasteful spending and fraud in health care. Medical practitioners will receive more incentives, and in return, they are expected to deliver quality services even to the door steps in communities, at least for the sake of the seniors and children health. The law eliminates annual limits on insurance coverage, enhances preventive services, avails information to consumers, offers discounts on drug prescription, and provides flexible insurance cover plans for individuals, households, and employers. Cons: The newly operating businesses (small and large) will have to plan for an extra cost of insurance cover for their employees come 2014, otherwise they will have to bear the harsh penalties. Insurance companies feel burdened for having to cover for high risk patients, which could adversely affect their profit margins in business. According to McCaughey, there are chances that decision making power would be transferred from doctors to the federal government, and hikes in tax as the law tries to cover for new entitlements who will be receiving taxpayer funded subsidies.

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