Hi, need to submit a 3750 words essay on the topic Media: A Discussion and Analysis on the Whether or Not Impact Can be Measured.

Moreover, a societal norm is represented by the media and has a profound level of impact with regards to the way in which individuals integrate with understandings of morality, consumerism, and/or appropriate behavior. As such, the power that media has upon the lives of individual around the globe is dynamic and likely will increase as globalization and media integration continue to be evidenced. As a function of seeking to understand the impact that media has on stakeholders within society, the many scholars have questioned whether or not it is even possible to measure this impact. Theories for and against this approach have fundamentally focused upon the methodology of measurement and the difficulties that researchers have in attempting to integrate with such a nuanced and complex topic whatsoever. As a means of seeking to draw a further level of understanding with regards to this subject, the following analysis will provide an in depth level of discussion and argumentation with respect to the ways in which this author believes that even though measurement of media influence is difficult to engage. it is most certainly evidenced within the existing scholarship and research that will be reviewed within the forthcoming analysis. One particular study sought to measure the extent to which television media influenced upon the beliefs and public opinions of Britons. As such, what the analysis found is statistically denoted below in figure 1.0 from Zayani (2010). As such, the statistical analysis that was employed by Zayani was contingent upon measurement of the manner through which media proliferation was impactful upon public opinion. with a specific focus upon how individuals within society viewed the impact of media as a tool that integrated with and changed public opinion. Figure 1.0 Agreement or disagreement with regards to media being able to influence public opinion: By a wide majority, the study noted the fact that the differential between “perceived” impacts of media on public opinion most generally under-emphasized the relationship between the two. however, in relation other studies that had been performed by a litany of different researchers, the results invariably indicated that the impacts of media upon public opinion were much greater than such a self analysis could have assumed. Although the approach was simplistic, the results were rather profound. The analysis itself was carried out in a proper manner. however, it left the reader/analyst to question the methodology. Even though going directly to the source and seeking to engage the individual with regards to their own interpretations of the way in which media has shifted public opinion was something of a novelty, due to the tacit and innate ramifications of public opinion and the way that it is subconsciously shifted, it was the concern of this author that such a level of analysis was not truly telling with respect to the actual levels of change that ultimately were exhibited. Such a breakdown in methodological approach is further weakened with regards to the fact that the individual interpretation of impact is measured against other studies that had been conducted in more tradition ways. factoring in many other nuanced variables. Although such an analysis does not mean the statistics that were employed within this particular study are “junk science”, it lends the analyst to question whether or not the results are truly reliable as compared to the litany of other statistics and information that have been compiled upon this very subject.

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