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It is all about striving to balance between doing the right thing at the expected time in the correct manner and doing such things right. The rapid and dramatic transformations in healthcare systems make these skills even more vital than ever. Both managers and leaders should envision the future to provide a leading role towards an efficient and productive unit with satisfying personnel. As leaders, it is never possible to stop seeking professional growth and opportunities that can help guarantee a difference in our own profession. Certainly, there exist many ways that can help in accomplishing this, including reading professional journals, being politically active and aware, as well as attending continuing education relevant to the nursing practice (Sehested, 2002). As good leaders, nurses are expected to take advantage of such opportunities for their advantage (Sehested, 2002). As a means of seeking professional growth, an article that entails balancing leadership roles and practising nursing roles has been chosen to guide the process. This paper, therefore, intends to critically evaluate a research article titled, ‘leading nurses in dire straits: head nurses’ navigation between nursing and leadership roles.’ by Sorensen e., Delmar c. &amp. Pedersen b.d. (2011). This article was published in the Nursing Management Journal. This paper intends to critique a study reports and the findings from a study focusing on the nursing and leadership roles of head nurses’ in the hospitals. The reason as to why this article is chosen is because of the conflict head nurses face as they perform their nursing and leadership roles in the healthcare settings. The debate is centred on how management reforms challenge professional leadership roles in public organizations (Sehested, 2002). This study is vital in the sense that it helps in improving nursing practices to patient care and exploring how successful nursing leaders tend to navigate between the two roles. In this case, the two roles are. nursing and leadership roles. The findings of the study are properly done to comprehensively validate the nursing practice. Therefore, there is a need to critically put forth the worth of this study and the evidence in it, thus appraising the study. The title of study define clearly what the study is all about, that is, to investigate the negotiation between nursing and their leadership roles in hospital practice. The study population, a brief description of the methodology and the key outcomes being investigated are all included in the title of the study. The study populations in the study are the nurses in leadership positions working at a first line level and at a departmental level whose age range is 39-57 years with an experience of 3-4 years in either of the leadership roles.?The key outcome of the study was Closeness distance and the recognition game. The methodology applied in this study was participant observation and ethnographic interviewing techniques where nurses in leadership positions acted as informants. They were selected in a stratified fashion to ensure diverse, rich and nuanced data the informants were gathered. Here, the inclusion-exclusion criteria were not satisfactory, for instance, the leadership experience number of years was limited to a maximum of only 4 years. This should have been extended to about 8 years to get the views of the most experienced nurses in leadership roles hence a more valid, representative and reliable study results.

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