I will pay for the following essay A Study of Relationship Marketing on Customer Satisfaction. The essay is to be 9 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.


The study has been conducted on the basis of secondary resources. The research works of different authors have been analysed for performing present a research work on this topic. The paper compiles many research works already undertaken in this area (references given below).


Such a study has provided us a detailed explanation on the impact of relationship management in maintaining customer satisfaction. The various strategies that have been adopted by the organizations are found to be highly significant for running the organisation successfully. Outcomes obtained through researches show that the application of the concept of relationship marketing in the organization helps in maintaining a healthy customer relation. The company will be enjoying a better position and be more confident with the fact that old customers have been retained. Satisfaction and Trust are the two main pillars of the organizations. Researchers have always emphasized upon the fact that building up strong customer relationships as well as its sustenance plays a key role in the company’s growth and prosperity. Thus it can be said that that the stress laid on customer satisfaction under relationship management forms an essential ingredient for marketing a product.


The aim of the firms should be to lure consumers by adopting a particular kind of behaviour or attitude. This will encourage an ongoing reciprocal interaction between the customer and the product, service or business concerned parties. This method of building relation has been highlighted throughout the paper in the process of buying and selling. Discussion Marketing has acquired a new dimension through such a revolutionary concept of relationship marketing. It has given much importance to the fact of maintaining good relation with the customers and providing them products according to their preference. In this process the procedure of firms and its strategies of increasing sales by satisfying customers came under the limelight. Effective strategies would surely assure a better stand to the firm in front of stakeholders. A Study of Relationship Marketing on Customer Satisfaction Introduction Marketing is one of the key function and aggregation of processes in an organization aimed at creating and delivering values to the customers. It creates effective relationships with the customer besides successful communication on the behalf of the organization. This proves beneficial to the firms and stakeholders (Tuli & Bharadwaj, p.184). The paper illustrates how the concept of sharing with customers as a part of marketing strategy maximises customer satisfaction. A successful marketing strategy and appropriate management of relationships ensures that customers are retained. For that it is important to focus on the concept of personalization in marketing that will drive the commitment value to the customer(Ashley, Noble, Donthu and Lemon, 2011, p.754).Commitment is termed as a natural ingredient in businesses for manufacturing a product as well as for a service rendered(Liu, Guo and Lee, 2011, pp.71-72). Firms may take into account consumers’ complains as well as suggestions and work towards them as part of their commitment towards customers. The basic rule for marketing a product is to provide the customers with the products and services best in the industry. This needs to be followed from the beginning to the end.

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