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These include the social, economical, and political social settings. The dispensers of knowledge are the people who we refer to as the teachers. Teachers are responsible for providing direction and highlighting the requisite elements of learning a concept. Therefore, teachers play a central role in the process of learning. The most stressed form of teaching is the child education characterizing the social and economic structures of most societies. However, learning continues into adulthood. Therefore, since teaching is a practice that can be administered to every member of the society, the learners can be categorized into two broad groups, which are the young learners and the adult learners. Recognition of these two distinct groups of learners brings us to the juncture of understanding the context of adult teaching and learning (Griff, 2008 p.120). Introduction Adult learning is a phrase describing the type of learning administered to adult members of the society. The adult learning settings could include places like institutions of higher learning, work places, and any other setting where administration of knowledge is happening. As it is understood from the basic principles that the purpose of administering knowledge is to instill some principles concerning a social, political, or economic concept into the learner, it can be understood that learning has to be carried in a systematic manner that will facilitate optimum understanding of an underlying concept by the learner. It is undeniable that adult learners require different tools and techniques in order to learn, compared to their young counterparts (Pete &amp. Alisa, 2010 p.48). Therefore, adult teachers are expected to acknowledge this fact and develop suitable mechanisms and techniques of achieving the objectives of adult learning efficiently. During their trainings as adult teachers, these individuals will be expected to master the principles guiding adult learning. Once in the field, these teachers are expected to articulate the knowledge into their expertise. To check the application of these ideal principles in their duties, the adult teachers evaluate themselves by the use of self-reflective inventories. Now, it will be logical to postulate that the process of effectively dispensing knowledge to adults has to follow some formulated set of standards, which must be adhered to by the teachers in order to achieve the objectives of the exercise. Self-Assessment inventory is a tool used to evaluate or gauge someone’s adherence to some guiding or ideal principles in the course of duty. In this context, self-assessment inventories are formulated questionnaire papers used by adult teachers to gauge their professionals in their teaching duty. Since a teacher who sticks to the practice of ideal teaching principles can only attain optimal adult teaching, it is advisable for every tutor to ensure close inclination of these principles as much as possible. Therefore, teachers use the inventories to evaluate their position in reference to the standard teaching requirements. These inventories are usually made of open or wide range close-ended questionnaires. During evaluation exercises, a teacher is supposed to respond to the open-ended questions as honestly as possible. Upon completion of responds, the teacher will evaluate his/her position by comparing the questionnaires responses with the expected standards of teaching. Self-evaluation will unearth the teacher’s weaknesses and strengths in his/her duty.

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