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Since a corporation is viewed as a human being sometimes, he may forget to look at the grievances of his employees. If a manager does not understand the grievances of his/her juniors then it becomes very difficult for them to address their challenge. If this does not happen then the leader is likely to face rebellion and therefore a good leader must have his fingers at the pulse of his/her employees. John and Johnson Company have applied this option through its strong business ethics principle. The company exhibits strong business ethics whenever conducting its business. While collaborating with the manufacturers, John and Johnson ensure that there is a strong client-customer relationship. It feeds the manufacturers with the required information on the products customers require, defining their features and characteristics. Additionally, the company ensures good relationships with its customers, especially in meeting their needs and responding to their queries. Thus, it observes morals and ethical business relations with its customers. It avoids the use of child labor, provides the customers with safe products, and even educates the customers on the various products they provide to them. The author believes that any good leader to be successful must be able to maintain an air of power. He proposes that the leader should always have the last word despite listening to advises from various sources. He is insists that it is not good for a leader to let others know what he/she is thinking about. Another important lesson that we learn from Machiavelli is that good managers should be able to appeal to people’s passions. Just like a good leader, a corporation should strive to gain human loyalty. This will help the leader gain recognition, reliability, and loyalty from his/her juniors. In the business arena, this is called the principle of marketing which involves creating a strong brand image. John and Johnson Company has managed to create a good brand image which is attracting and maintain loyal customers to their company. There are various definitions regarding branding. According to American Marketing Association, branding refers to the name, sign, symbol, or design that is meant to identify a good, product, and services and distinguish from one seller to another. According to this definition, branding is not just the concept of marketing your product and making it known but it is the concept of differentiating a product or a service from one seller to another. According to the American marketing Association, a good band must be able to deliver the intended message clearly in addition to confirming the credibility of the product or service. A good brand should also be able to connect your target prospects emotionally and motivate the buyer in addition to concreting customer loyalty. Since time in memorial, brand has been seen as a part of the product to cause fashion. With this in mind, communication strategy towards the brand, has been working on exposing brand image of a certain product. According to (Aaker &amp. Joachimsthaler), the traditional way of branding was only concerned with building the brand image, which according to them was only leading to short-term results. According to (Kapferer), a brand is supposed to be disclosing hidden qualities of the product or the service that people cannot come into contact or see. Moreover, Machiavelli teaches the value of always watching our back as good managers.

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